What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

Let’s face it: there will be occasions in your life when you will feel overwhelmed. We’ve all felt overwhelmed, nervous, or stressed at some point in our lives, whether it’s because of job, school, social commitments, or even because of losing way too much money at mega888 apk. It’s critical to extend grace to yourself when you’re experiencing these emotions. Try not to dismiss them or suppress them through whatever is making you uneasy — your mental wellbeing is vital, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, know that you can take a break. We recognise that recent events, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, have complicated matters and that juggling all of your tasks at the same time can be challenging. Keep in mind that you can always go back to your self-care strategy if you start to feel overwhelmed. Self-care regimens are tailored to the individual, which might be ideal when things get too much. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider some of these suggestions:


  • Meditate

When it comes to combating the consequences of overwhelm, meditation offers numerous advantages. It is a potent remedy to the body’s response to stress. Second, it soothes the overstimulation of your mind and feelings that are so typical during times of overwhelm, plus slowing your breathing. Your body picks up on the serenity of your mind as it calms down, generating a feedback cycle of peace and stability that lasts a long time after meditating. Third, when you learn to examine instead of being controlled by your thoughts, your viewpoint switches from target to a spectator of your overwhelm.


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  • Seek help from your loved ones

If you really need to cry or discuss things over, your social support system is available for you. Make a video call to a buddy or call a close relative.


  • Set limits on your work time and workload

Set the period of hours you invest on a project or task, leaving the workplace by a set time, or stating no to some sort of work. Anil noticed he was wasting a lot of time resolving conflicts among different team members, which was a waste of his time and also reinforced their tendency of bringing problems to him rather than trying to handle them independently. Answering “no” to such escalations and establishing expectations that they try to resolve these problems before reaching to him gave him more room to breathe to concentrate on his goals with fewer distractions.


  • Get some rest/sleep

Overwhelm can drain you both psychologically and physically. Because continuous chronic stress causes inefficient utilisation of mind-body energy, you will feel drained; thus, get sufficient sleep time to replenish and recover. Adults should get seven to eight hours of sleep per night, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might need more time. Consider including a 15-minute afternoon sleep into your daily regimen, plus meditation. Also, create a regimen that enables your body and mind to get the most out of your bedtime to set the setting for healthy sleep. You can listen to a calming ASMR while sleeping.

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