Most Common Dere Types Otakus Should Know

The terminologies used in anime on the Internet and manga might be confusing at times, especially because they are always changing. It’s easy to get lost in translation when it comes to terms like Waifu and Husbando, as well as the various sorts of dere that seasoned fans use. To help you learn more about dere types, here’s a list of six of the most popular deres every otaku should know. 


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  • Tsundere

You’ve probably heard the Tsundere say things like “it’s not like I got you this soup baka” or “it’s not like I was worried about you” with a pouty face. They’re a person that appears cold and unfriendly on the outside but is sweet and caring on the inside when surrounded by the proper people. It’s the most well-known Dere type, having been inspired by the character Ayu Daikuuji from the visual novel Kima ga Nozomu Eien.


  • Bakadere

Characters of this Dere kind are usually lovely, gentle, and innocent, but their foolishness and naivety are what you recall most about them. Whenever it comes to having a relationship, Bakadere folks are like toddlers. They don’t aim to win the other person tactically; instead, they put themselves in embarrassing circumstances that could easily be avoided.


  • Utsudere

These characters have been through a traumatic occurrence in their life and are typically gloomy and depressed. They may have been bullied as children or have experienced the death of a loved one. They don’t trust individuals at first and tend to keep a safe distance from them. When they meet nice individuals and build stronger relationships, they gradually open up and begin to trust others.  Aya from Mahou Shoujo, Rei from March Comes in Like a Lion, and even Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club are instances of Utsudere characters.


  • Dandere

The term “dan” in dandere is derived from the Japanese word “danmari” (), which means “quiet.” As a result, a dandere is a quiet, frequently antisocial person. Danderes often want to interact with others but are afraid or embarrassed to do so. They are afraid of getting into trouble—or any other socially difficult situation—if they say the incorrect thing, so they say nothing to be safe. Of course, once befriended, danderes overcome their social inhibitions and become really charming and happy—especially around the people they care about.


  • Yandere

Yandere are anime characters who are so enamoured of the people in their lives that they would kill for them. However, yanderes will kill anyone who comes too close to their beloved, and this isn’t only for defence. This character type may be found in a lot of action and horror anime, and it’s easy to detect. Future Diary, which contains the popular character Yuno, is the most well-known anime that features a yandere.


  • Darudere

Daru is derived from the word “darui,” which means “sluggish.” To be clear, characters with a Darudere personality are dull or boring rather than interesting. Everything is too painful to do, but does this remind you of anyone? Is it possible that it’s a Naruto character? In summary, they appear to be sluggish and uninspired, but they will go to great lengths to protect someone they care about. Even if they sigh when assisting their significant others, it still means a lot because they put in the effort. This type of dere exists in real life too. They may play game slot mega888 all the time and will no do anything that brings them discomfort. However, if it is for the ones that they love, they are ready to do anything for them.

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