All You Need To Know About A Good MLM Software

Let’s start with what exactly is MLM Software. MLM Software, or also known as a Multilevel Marketing Management is a tool for monitoring and management of an e-commerce or affiliate network which includes users and commission plans. With mlm softwares, you will be able to keep track of your program’s status, expenses, income and referral rewards. The software would also improve the productivity of functions through automating and streamlining the entire MLM processes which in turns, save time and money.


Benefits and Advantages of MLM Software

Several advantages of utilizing mlm softwares for your business includes:

Increase Sales 

The structure of MLM software offers several promotional methods, ranging from word-of-mouth strategies to online digital campaigns. You will be able to easily track your traffic growth and increase your product sales through easy and convenient strategies on the system with your team.


Remote Flexibility and Mobility

Most MLM platforms are web-based and cloud-based – allowing you to track your network’s performance anytime and anywhere. Just by using your smartphone, you can access your account and view daily activities. Especially during the current pandemic, its mobility and flexibility is a great feature for you to continue your business in the comfort of your home.



Using an MLM platform, you will have complete view and control of your network’s members in just a single one-stop platform. Each partner can access the same features which can improve productivity among your team.


E-Commerce Integrations

Another advantage of mlm softwares is its ability to integrate with e-commerce pages and platforms. Customize your platforms such as personalized shopping carts or change the layout for a better use experience with your user’s needs.


Must-have Attribute of MLM Software

Different types of MLM Software offer a different range of functions. To choose the perfect MLM software that serves your needs, there are some features that are considered a must-have to help you in your business operation.


Onboarding Platform

New members should have an easy onboarding process. This would help your partners and users feel comfortable with the simplicity of your platform.


Visual reports and presentations

Charts, graphs and maps would provide a clearer picture of your business performance. These insights would make it easier to understand your network’s performance and success rate. Graphic representations shown on your dashboard would be a great overview of everything that is happening in your network. 


Commission Tracker

A commission tracker is a definite must have in your MLM software. With the tracker, you can also set how much each user can earn per sale while still maintaining a fair environment for all users.


Price of MLM Software

MLM companies offer a wide variety of plans and packages. Normally, you will be requested to list down all the features that you need and require for your networks. The average price of MLM software is between $99 to $2,500 which often depends on the amount of integrations you add. Some providers may also have a free one-month plan which you will be able to save some money and invest them in other aspects.


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