Everything You Need to Know About ASMR

The autonomous sensory meridians (ASMR) is a  sensory phenomenon that increasingly causes relaxation and counteracts anxiety. As we all know, ASMR can cause a tingling sensation. When triggered by visual and auditory stimuli, the tingling sensation usually spreads to the scalp and back of the neck. ASMR videos can be divided into food videos and non-food videos. The former is usually paired with Mukbang (a trend originating in Korea that involves a live programme of a person eating, usually a close-up of the ASMR artist eating or drinking). Think about Coca-Cola: the image opens the Coke bottle, fizzes, pours on the ice, more fizz, this is the essence of ASMR’s food video. Non-food videos generally emphasize whispering, soft wrinkles, or tremors in the fingers. These actions are accompanied by repeated actions that can give sensitive viewers goosebumps and tingling sensations. So if you are working with Malaysia website designers and after a long day of work, you can listen to ASMR to help you unwind and relax.


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  • Is it always sexual?

Many newbies to the community of ASMR, particularly on YouTube, often wonder if all of this contains sexual activities. “Braingasm” is a common colloquial phrase used to describe the tingling sensation when triggered. ASMR videos online generally show attractive young women eating, whispering, combing their hair, or putting on makeup, all of which can be considered sexual arousal. But on the other hand, attractive young women can almost get a certain kind of attention on the Internet, and most ASMRtists (who are called) insist that the noise of these soft sounds is combined with repetitive brush strokes. for hair or makeup tools that are not intended to promote erotic stimulation, but to trigger a “tingling” (ie, a relaxation response).


  • How to combine ASMR into your health plan

Experiencing ASMR is feels like entering a virtual ‘onsen’ to experience sensory and role-playing situations that make you feel calm, satisfied and comfortable. From watching videos on how to get a haircut or easy haircut, talking about sad movies, to hearing positive affirmations in your whispers when you fall asleep, it creates the intimacy and attention that we all naturally desire, which is especially important at a certain time in our lives. For many of us, loneliness, depression, stress as well as insomnia are at the highest level in history.


  • When and how should you listen to it?

There is no “right” time or method to try to participate in ASMR-related activities, but some have been effective for me and many people I know. One of these includes using it as the last step in your daily routine, while lying comfortably in bed, trying to fall asleep. Just jump into the ASMR podcast and watch yourself fall asleep. Another way is if you want to slow down and recharge (or even take a short nap!), you can use it as a midday meditation retreat and watch some videos.


  • Are you ready to try it?

If I’ve attracted you enough, maybe it’s time to try it all! Dim the lights, curl up in your favourite blanket, put on your headphones, and get a taste of ASMR through these relaxed and delightful videos, accounts, and podcasts, which can be the gateway to your new favourite personal care.

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