Travelling Dos and Don’ts

You might want to travel after retiring from an MLM software development company or simply to just get rid of social media addiction. However, travelling abroad can either be one of the best or worst experiences of your life, depending on what you do while you’re there. Join us today as we go over the dos and don’ts of international travel!



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  • Do photocopy your passport

When travelling abroad, having a copy of your passport (the page with your photo and other crucial information) on you is a must, just in case your passport is destroyed or lost.


  • Do check your bags

Always make a list of the stuff you’ll need on your round-the-world trip and double-check that you’ve packed everything in your travel bag. It’s also a good idea to pack light and only bring what you’ll need because you’ll be on the road. While on the move, carrying a heavy bag with a lot of stuff can be a mood killer. Always keep in mind that necessity is the most important factor to consider.


  • Do keep people at home updated

Send a text message to your friends or family informing them of your plans and who you’ll be meeting. Make sure someone at home has a copy of your itinerary, and establish a routine for updating it. Tell them whenever you meet new individuals so that if they turn out to be untrustworthy, you’ll have someone to help you find them or denounce them to the authorities.


  • Do check out the culture

Although you may not be interested in witnessing artworks and performances in languages you do not understand, experiencing culture in a different country is both eye-opening and enjoyable.



  • Do not keep anything to the last minute

Make sure you have everything you need and double-check the flight schedule ahead of time. To avoid any last-minute issues, leave for the airport in a reasonable amount of time. The trick is to never put things off until the last minute.


  • Don’t dress like a tourist

Sneakers with white socks, a fanny bag, a map, and a t-shirt with the country’s most iconic landmark printed on it scream “tourist” when paired together. They also let savvy or unscrupulous locals know that you’re a target for scams, theft or overcharging. Your sneakers are your most trustworthy travel shoes, but try to keep the rest of your outfit from looking too touristy. Wear regular clothes and leave the fanny pack at home. Choose a small lanyard-style holder or a neck wallet something you can tuck beneath your shirt if you feel the need to hold your belongings more secure than in your pockets. Keep just the most essential items on you, such as your passport and cellphone, and store the rest of your valuables in the hotel’s safe.


  • Don’t trust people too quickly

Sure, it deflates whatever idealized thoughts you may have about strangers you encounter on your travels, but the truth is that not everyone you meet will be trustworthy. This does not imply that you distrust everyone you encounter. Wait until someone has earned your trust before putting your faith in them.

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