Youths In Politics: Using Social Media As A Platform

Since the progressive rise of social media usage over the years, the power of influence they hold has become so vast that it is nearly hard to compete with anything else. The rapid flow of information from one platform to another has surpassed even the conventional speed of light in physics laws. With a few scrolls and taps on the displays of your cellphones as well as their UniFi 800Mbps, you may access any type of news or material available in the digital world. In reality, exposing yourself to such a large amount of information might leave you open-minded and with many points of view on the topics. 

youths in politics

Politics is not a light subject to be taken lightly, but the entire public must have at least a fundamental understanding of how the world works. The political sphere is one of the human system’s foundations for keeping everything in place and in order so that no erroneous ways are established within the global network. When this transpires, it is up to the citizens of the nations to oppose corruption through elections or petitions. The youth community, which is recognized for dominating the types of users on social media charts, has been active in terms of political beliefs and perspectives. Who could blame them when even adults who are not qualified to be politicians have abused their power as leaders? 

As a result, labeling children, teenagers, and young adults as “kids” is unjustifiable when they can be more mature than any adult imagined. Never undervalue the importance of youth. They may be born young, but their adult minds are unrivaled. They have been oppressed for being young to the point that they must take matters into their own hands and rebel, and this is not just the rebellious stage every teenager is going through. 

Teenagers and many other younglings used the power of social media to raise social awareness about all ages to call out the wrongdoings and make a change. This has happened too often, and little by little, changes have occurred, further proving the capability of children, young adults and even those who have passed teenage years are able to do what the adults could not do. For instance, the rise in sexual harassment/assault cases around the world has prompt a 17-year-old adolescent who has disclosed the true evilness of certain teachers who not only abdicate their duty to safeguard, but also violate the bodies of female students at school. With the support of her other peers whether by close interactions, acquaintances or complete strangers, this demonstrates the gravity of the situation and the power of social media in disseminating the unpleasant aspects of global issues such as racism, ethnic cleansing, sexual harassment, and others. 


Every day, the youth proves themselves that they are just as powerful as adults can be. They can be as open-minded and a freedom of speech to fix what should and should not do by the society for the betterment of the world.


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