Does Feminism Affect Gambling?

It is common for us to hear about feminism here and there in this 21st century. What does feminism mean, really? You can define them as the belief in the equality of all genders in the matter of political, economic and social. Feminists are all about spreading awareness and fighting about women’s rights and interests. They want equal opportunities and standing for the women all over the world in order to do whatever they want instead of being forced to submit to the domination of the men. In this regard, we can say feminism affected the gambling phenomenon because more women start to gamble and are no longer hiding this fact from the public due to the stereotype that women should be more feminine by not being a risk-taker. Women who gamble are often said to be tainting the delicate image of the ladies as they go to the casinos and are surrounded by more male gamblers.

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Let’s move forward to see the effect of feminism on gambling.

Helping The Gambling Industry Blooms

Now that more women enjoy gambling and are no longer hesitant to do that, they will contribute to the growth of the local casinos and the gambling industry. Instead of being monopolised by the male, the industry can grow even more and gain more profits from the increase of customers. Even during the MCO (Movement Control Order), they can utilise the online platform like malaysia online casino where they can gamble using their mobile application. They even showcase live gambling events and provide lots of offers for you to gamble. With the secure payment process for the online gamblers, it’s a relief for the industry as they will not face loss of profit during the weeks of MCO implementation.

A Relief For Their Partner

Unsurprisingly, we often heard about couples and even married partners having fights because of gambling habits. Women usually disapprove of this habit because they deem it a waste of money and encouraged to be bold and reckless in taking risks. In some cases, the men became surrounded with debts and gambling distracted them from taking their jobs seriously. However, women should also understand that it is not the same for every man out there. Some gamble responsibly and do that as a hobby to destress. It is hard for women to get this because they have no interest in the activity. However, feminism would be able to turn the table as they themselves gamble and are able to relate to their partner who loves gambling. The women become more understanding and try their best to support their partner’s interest, as long as they stay responsible and are able to manage their life well.

A Fresh Of Fresh Air For The Women

For feminists, gambling is a fresh past-time activity that they can enjoy instead of the common hobbies associated with women like cooking, sewing and reading. They could entertain themselves by adopting gambling and spending their time with online casinos as a new hobby that is fun to learn and improves their negotiation skills.

Last Words

In a nutshell, feminism should not be underrated because this wave of changes brought by women always leaves a huge impact. Regarding the topic of gambling, they are able to affect the gambling phenomenon and proves to society that gambling should not be exclusive to the male players, but also the female. That’s girl power! With that, I hope this has been informative to all of you regarding feminism and gambling.

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