Get Rid Of Social Media Addiction

It is rare for most of us to realize and find that we have toxic and addictive habits that are harmful. Maybe you have realized but don’t know how to get rid of the addiction or maybe you have stopped before but you have relapsed on those habits again. Based on the National Established on Alcohol Abuse and Liquor addiction, up to 90% of overwhelming consumers will have at the slightest one backslide in the midst of the essential four a long time after they get calm. In some cases, social media addiction can be similar to alcohol addiction. There has also been researching conducted that there are a huge amount of people that relapse during the process of getting rid of their social media addiction. The majority of the time, social media addiction happens because of a person’s curiosity, overthinking, feeling of missing out (FOMO), entertainment, obsessiveness, and keeping a person busy. It is actually the same impact as to why do people watch sad movies. Would not blame those people, social media is an attractive platform, and many things are now based and relies on social media. It would not be a shocker if you got lost in the world of social media, it often happens to many people. Here are ways to stop social media addiction.

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You can first start to uninstall all the social media on your phone, and if your daily life requires you to revolve around social media, you can install the app that sets a timer to utilize those social media apps. By doing this, you are slowly restricting yourself from social media, putting a gate to your addiction. But just setting a restriction is not enough, you have to train your mind to follow those restrictions so that you are able to do so even without those restrictions.

Next is finding a hobby to do such as reading and cooking is actually very necessary in your daily life. It improves your language skill and at the same time cooking improves your diet so that you don’t have to always buy outside foods. Not only that, but you can also invest your time into planning a way to gain some side income, this is very helpful in the sense of financial support. You can start an online business by starting first on creating online websites or you can do software business, especially if you have some IT and Software knowledge. Or the easiest is by joining some of the top forex brokers in Malaysia so that you could do foreign exchange business, which is actually proven to give you more cash and has its own flexible time if you are planning to do through online. Once you get some side incomes, this will drive you to be more productive in what you are doing rather than being tied to social media.

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