Why Do People Watch Sad Movies

Watching movies has become many person addictions, with movie websites such as HULU, Netflix, and Disney+, it is as easy to access Indonesian forex trading brokers.  Before this you are supposed to buy a ticket to watch movies, it is fun and all to watch movies in tether, but there were also the downside, which is sold out movie tickets, uncomfortable sits, limited food, disturbance from other audience, getting to the cinema on time, dressing up for the cinema, the money for the ticket, the parking, and many more. But why need this struggle, when you can watch a movie in your own comfort place? With your preferred food, your movie partner, no disturbance of others, and you can even pause to use the loo.

There are many genres of movies, some like action, and thriller, some like horror, and there are comedy fans, but who watches sad movies? The ones that make you cry because of how heartbreaking and painful the storyline is. It’s like pouring fumes into the burning pile. You know it makes you depressed and sad, and yet you go back to it. It is bad and toxic for your health and mental state.

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Most of the sad movies are romance-related or something to with failing in life or someone dying. No wonder why people feel even sadder, and additional sadness after watching sad movies. The certain movie just ends with no explanation leaving the audience in a confused state of mind.  But it doesn’t always end with a sad ending.

Despite disagreeing with the fact that a sad movie is anything but great for you, there are several reasons why people are drawn to sad movies. Of course, there must be a valid reason for someone’s doing unless it’s a crime.

The reason why a person watches sad movies is probably that it is their comfort movie, it makes them feel relatable. Movies like La La Land, Marriage Story, and Beautiful Boy seems relatable to people. The other reason why people prefer sad movies is that it’s a cliche, something some people missing out on in their life. Plus, sad movies have hostess actors and actresses, of course watching them sad makes a person feel personnel. 

Watching sad movies can also become a closure for certain people, maybe they didn’t receive the closure and comfort so when they are watching a sad movie they subconsciously relieve their grief along with the movie. People also watch sad movies when they are bored and feeling empty, they just want to feel something or grip an emotion. 

Watching sad movie also gives hope to certain people, movies like Inside Out and The Pursuit of Happyness gives people hope and support that life is not just all about sadness. Another reason why someone is watching a sad movie is probably that they have no clue to how the movie is going to end or the story plot of the movie, so at the end of the movie they might be a little regret watching it.

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