Multi-level marketing is direct sales where the distributor or the representatives sell products or services from a company to a consumer. The goal is to distribute the products without any extra spendings like marketing collaterals but by amplifying the networks of distributors. The simpler term is the more you sell the more you earn.

So why you should join an MLM company?

Usually, we have been thought the conventional way of earning money, it is considered to be a linear way of getting income, but nowadays with Covid-19 and lockdown is happening everything is chaos, many has lost a job and many businesses are getting bankrupt. Here come the residual incomes to save you. Residual incomes produce incomes that done one time and you get paid even after the completion of the task. There types of residual incomes, such as royalties, rental, real estate, interest, dividend, and income from the ongoing sale of consumer goods. 

Something like music or digital art? Yes exactly like that. 

In MLM, you must provide products or services one time that must be reuploaded on a monthly basis. You can make residual income in MLM companies by endorsing a customer one time and getting paid monthly when they renew the product or service. You can build a team that duplicates your action thus making it twice the amount of income.

To start and build a franchise or business in the traditional way the cost can be excessive. The general cost to begin a franchise is RM 100k and above, but what I told you can start a business with just RM 1000?  You can join an MLM company for less than RM 1K, and low monthly payment. Although the investment is low it is far way better than nothing.  

Did you also know, you may have a chance of getting discounts? Yes, you can join an MLM business software company just to receive discounts on the company product or services. Maybe you are not born leaders to build a team and recruit people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the company’s product discount.  In certain company gives you free product if you just recruit a newcomer. It is that easy.

MLM marketing companies also offer their team training and send them for courses. As a member of the MLM company, you will be provided with email training modules and online conferences.

Lastly, you might find some cool people from your team. When you join an MLM company you will be getting yourself into a team. And this team usually supports you and encourages you in your job. You will also make new friends and get some network connection in your team. 

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