The key to building a sturdy building is the use of quality materials in its base and walls. Being the concrete one of the main ones. But how do you get a high-quality one? That will strictly depend on the amount and type of additive that you use in its creation. In this article here is an explanation of everything about the functions of additives and their importance in the world of construction.

In simple terms, concrete admixtures are a kind of enhancers or enhancers to the original mix. You can find them in the form of liquid and powder. They are used to alter the strength properties of concrete; this way there would be no problems during mixing, transport, laying and curing.

Let’s get to know some of them:

Water reducers: As their name suggests, these additives are responsible for reducing the water content. They are used when mixing concrete.

Retardants: They are very efficient in counteracting the acceleration effect of hot weather, while the concrete is setting.

Accelerators: They allow concrete materials to increase their rate of development. This means that they help them to achieve good resistance at an early age. This can speed up finishing operations.

Corrosion inhibitors: They serve as reinforcement against steel corrosion. They are basically a defense for concrete used in environments that can damage them. Such as marine facilities, highway bridges, and parking lots (which are exposed to chloride concentrations).

However, it is not enough just to know the types of additives and their main functions. You must also know what the appropriate methods for its use are. This is very important because the vast majority of additives are in liquid form and are used instantly in concrete within manufacturing plants.

As you have seen, additives are highly relevant materials in the creation of concrete. For this reason, you must ensure that you place quality products when you make the corresponding mixtures. Only then can you be sure that when you build the bases and walls of your project, they will be strong enough.

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