With the COVID-19 affecting everyone financially, people are looking for ways to generate income while they are stuck in their home. For some, they could be still generating income but with a lower salary than usual while some have been let go by their companies to save expenses to continue their operation, leaving many people jobless and removing their source of income. Despite that, some people have taken this opportunity to grow through the use of multi level marketing to help generate income. However, this method of marketing is not taught to students who are studying in colleges and universities and they might not even know what multi level marketing (MLM) is until they have to use it. Should the Ministry of Education teach network marketing software?

To give an easy understanding on what MLM is, imagine you want fried chicken from KFC but you’re stuck at home. So you use Foodpanda, Boosts or whatever apps you use that help you deliver food to your doorstep and their employees will approach the closest KFC in your area to order your chicken and deliver to your home. That is basically what MLM is. In addition to that, MLM companies, in this case for example, Foodpanda and Ubereats, exist to help you to get your fried chicken to your doorstep by getting the food delivery people to order your food and deliver to your house safely. 

MLM companies focus on their distributors in making sales, not recruiting the whole army to fight and take over the other mall across the street. The most common misconception that people have about MLM is it uses a pyramid scheme. This is false as MLM strictly focuses on the quality of product or services, the sales that have been made from them and never ask their distributors to recruit for them. One of the companies that have been found scamming their distributors is LulaRoe who promised their distributors that they are able to profit from working as their retailers, but was caught using the pyramid scheme and therefore fined USD 4.75 million. In order to know if the company is legitimate, anyone can request the company to display their Direct Selling Agent (DSA) certificate as DSA proves the company runs a legitimate business and ensures the company is abiding by the rules laid out by DSA. 

MLM can play an important role in how students can prepare themselves in the future as well if they are approached by businessmen and women who offer them propositions to do business with them and offering promises like the ability to purchase a sports car and an apartment within a month. MLM is known to be a long-term investment business and well educated people are able to avoid such schemes in the long run. Therefore, it is important for university and college students to learn the basics of MLM to at the very least avoid from being a victim of a scheme when they are in the working environment.

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