Have you ever browse through social media online and see a tournament of your favorite game advertised with a high prize pool to compete for? That is what is known as e-sports, a tournament that is held for video game expert players with a prize pool that goes into the millions. DOTA 2 for example, holds an annual tournament with a prize pool of almost USD 35 million on the line. E-sports does not have to be held on a large scale as it can be held in as small as a cybercafe. Thus, making e-sports a very flexible event that can be held by anyone as long as it is managed properly by the respective authorities. 

E-sports are not just large tournaments to appease the crowds however. E-sports team such as Cloud 9, Team Solo Mid and Fanatic, to name a few, are teams that participate in numeral tournaments for different games. These teams help the games they are competing in to gain more publicity to their fans who know these teams in other game tournaments. Teams who compete in other game tournaments will also gain more publicity for themselves as tournaments offer opportunities for the players to demonstrate their skills for gaming fans around the world. Additionally, the tournaments allow casual players to witness how the professional players utilize the mechanics and features of the game in more interesting ways that they would not otherwise know about it in casual gameplays. Professional players also display a more in-depth knowledge of the game during tournaments as they have the ability to create builds and shift the meta of games and influence casual players to copy the build to enjoy it themselves in normal or ranked matches.

While not participating in any competition, e-sports team members tend to stream their gameplays on live streaming sites such as Youtube, Twitch or Facebook to interact with their fans. This helps the members to garner more fame for their team and attract their fans to become casual viewers instead which allows them to stream any other games to relax while enjoying the content they provide during the live stream. It can also help team members who retire from e-sports to build a fanbase in the events that they could no longer participate in tournaments. For example, Scarra, a former member of Team Dignitas, retired from competitive tournaments and decided to become a live streamer for Twitch and establish a live streaming channel called Offline TV consisting of other live streamers of his choosing to live stream in a house while occasionally making Youtube videos. This helps the other live streamers living in the same house to gain more popularity through collaborations as well and with its unique flexibility, they are able to easily host an impromptu collaboration with other members while having unique interactions with each other that is not found in any other content channel. 

Overall, e-sports are a staple for every competitive game to help expand the game’s life while attracting and introducing more players to the competitive environment.

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