3 ‘Cute’ Games That Are Actually Scary

The world certainly has no shortage of ‘cute and cuddly’ type games. These are the types of games that are entirely wholesome and fun, that you can play 100% stress-free, that can help you fully unwind after a tiring day of work. When you think of cute games, titles like Animal Crossing and Untitled Goose Game tend to come to mind – but what if I told you there were games out there that started cute and cuddly, but didn’t stay that way? 

The world has no shortage of ‘cute and cuddly’ games, sure; but the world also has no shortage of horror games either. And there are some titles out there that, while seemingly adorable and wholesome, are actually a front to cover what they truly are within – a dissolution into psychological, surreal, and absolutely terrifying horror. 

So for fans of exclusively cute games, it’s probably better for you to turn away right now. But for fans of horror? Read on – here are 3 ‘cute’ games that are actually secretly scary! 


  1. Doki Doki Literature Club! 


Since it’s release in 2017, Doki Doki Literature Club! (commonly shortened to DDLC by fans) has become practically the poster child of cute but scary games. The game initially starts out, appears, and is even heavily marketed to be a completely normal dating simulator game that stars four girls – Natsuki, Yuri, Sayori, and Monika. All the marketing tools are cheerfully rendered in polka-dot pink, and even the official DDLC website is expertly designed (much like websites designed by top web developer in Penang) to look like nothing more than a benign marketing website for a lighthearted dating sim. But don’t be fooled – things don’t stay that way. 


Halfway through the game, the tone goes downhill very quickly. Things begin glitching out, characters begin breaking the fourth wall, and the game becomes very liberal with the showcase of much darker and gruesome topics. No spoilers here, but by the end it’s clear that the game wasn’t meant to be a dating sim at all – but a horrific, psychological horror game that terrified the whole Internet upon first launch. 


  1. Hermit Home Designer 


A more recent entry into the game scene, Hermit Home Designer is a much shorter title that follows the life of Yamasen-chan; a hikikomori (the Japanese term for a shut-in) who spends her life indoors desperately trying to avoid social interaction due to debilitating social anxiety. Despite her solitary occupation, the game initially runs like a happy, lighthearted home designer game; in which the player helps Yamasen-chan design the home which has become her ‘entire world’. 


Unfortunately, Yamasen-chan’s deeply troubled psyche is given new light as the game progresses, and players are shown how much Yamasen-chan’s social anxiety is spiraling her life out of control. The scariest part is that Yamasen-chan isn’t even aware of her own spiraling condition – and greets the player constantly with the same jovial tone that sharply contrasts her downhill status. 


  1. Goodnight Meowmie


Goodnight Meowmie is yet another short game title that starts out adorable, but does not stay that way. We follow the life of an unnamed protagonist as she wakes up in her sparse bedroom, and then help her take care of her adorable white cat ‘Meowmie’. It’s clear from very early on that the protagonist absolutely adores Meowmie – feeding it, playing with it, holding it when it feels sad to cheer it up. The graphics are utterly adorable and Meowmie lets out a cute meow whenever we do something to cheer it up – but unfortunately, things do in fact take a turn for the worst. 


When Meowmie’s food finally runs out, the protagonist is forced to leave her room – and enters what appears to be a dark and decrepit house littered with animal skulls. Not to mention, she becomes pursued by an invisible creature that stalks her with blood-red paw prints, forcing the player to confront the fact that this cute cat game is, in fact, a truly terrifying horror game with a tragic ending.  

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