Soft Skill Set for Every Web Designer

It is easy to concentrate on your hard skills, at the cost of your soft skills, as you follow your chosen career path. While your hard skills prove you are eligible for a career, your soft skills prove you are ideal for both a career and a workplace. And in the first place, it is always your soft skills that get you hired. All businesses have their own culture and energy, and they have to ensure that all new hires are a good match to keep them.

Many hard skills are very easily acquired and refined, but soft skills are more closely related to personality, and it is difficult to alter them.

Some businesses and employment divisions have traditionally provided people lacking certain main soft skills with a form of housing, but this is becoming extremely rare. As part of a squad, even freelancers and remote workers are now seen with all the expectations that come with cooperation.


Some of the soft skills that a web designer needs:

  • Communication


You need to be able to interact comfortably and efficiently as a web developer, including one who works remotely with:

  1. The bosses
  2. Colleagues
  3. Customers
  4. Additional developers


It may prove to be especially difficult to interact with customers, as you will have to explain highly technical concepts to non-technical people. And while your friends and colleagues have no difficulty recognising the terms of the industry, don’t presume your customers will, too.

When to be brief, and when to go into depth, good communicators know. They understand the difference between formal and informal, and when to use each language. And maybe most critically of all, they know how to embrace their communication style and learn from constructive feedback. 


  • Listening

Communication is closely related to listening, but the value of it as an important soft skill for web development consultants merits separate discussion.

It’s just about being a good listener as well as being able to understand and perceive what you’ve just learned. When was the last time you talked on the phone without doing anything else at the same time? We are surrounded by several distractions. — but it’s important to know that when we just need to listen, there are moments.

Shift yourself back to your computer, put your tablet aside, and silence your mobile phone; concentrate only on what is being said.

Speak up; ask the speaker to explain, or ask questions that lead the speaker to explain or expand, if you do not understand something. It also helps to repeat these instructions in your own words for especially complicated discussions that require many instructions. Doing so shows the speaker that not only did you listen, but that you are aware of what is expected.


  • Adaptability

You should be very used to evolving as a web developer; one needn’t look any further than how the Internet has evolved to realise this in the last eight years. This helps understand why adaptability among web developers is such an important skill, and Rouan Wilsenach recently wrote a piece that discussed this in both the employee and employer sense.


Within the workplace, change can mean:

  1. To have to learn new skills
  2. Having to perform additional duties
  3. You have a project that you work on cancelled
  4. A shift in your hours at work
  5. Relocating to a new city or workplace
  6. Joining another business or being absorbed by another


More often than ever before, any combination of these exists in the modern workplace. You are probably more open to change than any other generation if you are a Millennial (part of the generation born between 1980 and 2000), but do you respond positively to all change? 

It is unfair to ask everybody to accept any change, but nobody wants to work with someone who opposes any change outright. By looking for the advantages and opportunities in the shift, adapt to any changes in your workplace. Use these to stay inspired and optimistic for yourself and your friends, even through the most trying changes.


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