Playing Craps the Easy Way

When you go to a real casino and even if you are blindfolded, you will know where to find the craps pit. That is because if you hear a portion of the casino that is loud with everyone shouting, then you will know that you’ve come to the right place.

At first glance, craps can be pretty intimidating and that is pretty much because the craps table is quite confusing to look at. But, as a beginner, you will only need to have to remember a couple of bets because there are actually only a few that are worth mentioning.

You might have been enticed by a player from a live casino to also play the game of craps and if you want to get educated, do read further until the end of the article.

Craps is pretty popular and there can be more than 100 bets in an hour, especially during peak casino hours. Anyway, without further ado, let’s begin.

Meet the Personnel

The craps table is actually following a double layout which means that there are essentially two tables that are split in the middle that comprises the craps table.

In the middle of the action is the boxman. This person is going to supervise everything that happens in the game. They are also the ones that will collect the cash so that they can give the appropriate number of chips to the dealers (which will then be given to the players).

Also in the middle of the table which is in the exact opposite of the boxman is the stickman. The said staff got its name because they are using sticks as a means of pushing the dice to the player or the shooter. In addition, the stickman will also be the one to call out the results of the dice roll as well.

In an area situated between the boxman and the stickman is where you can place your proposition bets. Unlike the pass line bet, the proposition bets are only one-roll bets which means that you will have to place a wager again after the shooter has rolled the dice.

On Either Side Of The Table

You will find the base dealers. They are the ones that will take your cash and give you chips (which are handed by the boxman). They will also be the ones to collect the losing bets.

Directly in front of the player will be what is known as the pass line. Placing bets here will enroll you to the pass bets which are recurring bets depending on whether the shooter craps out or not.

Also in the line is the ‘Don’t Pass’ bar which is in smaller fonts. There are also ‘Come’ and ‘Don’t Come’ areas as well and you will know when to place your bets on these areas because the dealers will notify you.

You might also notice the word ‘Field’ on the table. It is just part of the one-roll bet that will also be followed by a couple of numbers.

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