Important Things to Look for in a Watch

A watch is one of the most important accessories that we wear on a daily basis. Whether it is just a simple casual watch in Malaysia or something that you can proudly wear on formal occasions, there is always a configuration that fits the bill. That being said, no watch is the same because they are all made for different intents and purposes. Below are some of the most important things to look for a watch.


The first thing that strikes out the most when you are looking at a watch is how the watch’s hands move, particularly the second-hand.

There are two prominent watch movements that you need to be aware of: Mechanical and Quartz. The traditional mechanical watch requires you to wind its mainspring- which is a piece of coiled metal that, when wound up, starts to move the mechanism. Its power reserve will depend on the length of the mainspring. Because of its mechanism, you have to manually wind it every day if you want a continuous operation.

However, because of how cumbersome traditional mechanical watches can be, a lot of watchmakers now turn their attention towards creating an automatic mechanical watch. This watch differs from the manual-winding watch in the sense that you do not have to manually do it every now and then. You just have to make sure that you wear the watch and move around so that you can provide some kinetic energy to power its self-winding feature. Most of the luxury watches that you can find on the market all have this, so I guess that it trumps manual mechanical watches at the time of writing this article.

Quartz watches require a battery as its main power source. It is characterized by staggered second-hand movements and is typically much cheaper than automatic mechanical watches.

Watch Complications

A typical watch is one that has a watch face, a dial, and the different hands that help you tell the time. That is basically what a watch is. However, there are other watches that have numerous other features and these features are sometimes referred to as watch complications.

There are some that could with a perpetual calendar, moon phases, and a host of other features, but one complication that stands out is the Chronograph.

A typical chronograph watch is one that has three small dials within the main dial that stand for the timer, the stopwatch, and the time elapsed. There are some chronographs that also come with a tachymeter as well, which is a measuring feature that allows you to get the distance, speed, and even fuel consumption of the car.


Of course, there are also different styles of watches that are perfect for a certain situation. For instance, dress watches are simple watches that are usually worn on formal events. Field watches are perfect for military personnel and diving watches are great for people who frequently go to the sea.

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